Sunday, 20 November 2011

National Film and Sound Archieve of Australia

National Film & Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) is the Australia’s national audiovisual archive. Its main aim is to preserve and to maintain the collection of Australia’s audiovisuals, as well as to promote and to provide access for people to access the collection.

How NFSA can be used in ELT?
  • This website is one of the useful resources for teachers to search for teaching and learning materials. This is because NFSA hosts lots of videos, documentaries, as well as written materials such as journals. Most of these materials are made for general viewing and authentic. In addition, there are also materials which are non-authentic and made for educational purpose.
  • The videos featured in NFSA vary from different topics and interests. Thus, teachers can use this as an advantage to have teaching materials that suit students’ interests. This will make lessons more personal and interesting. Using materials that suit students’ interests will also motivate them to pay more attention towards the lesson.

Things to bear in mind:
  • NFSA contains videos and journals that can be used as part of teaching and learning. However, these materials are not accompanied by further exercises and activities. Teachers still need to come out with their sets of supporting exercises so that the materials become meaningful and suitable for ELT.  
  • Most materials are produced within Australian context. Therefore, teachers may need to activate students’ background knowledge before attempting to use these materials, as lack of schema may results in poor comprehension level among students.

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