Saturday, 12 November 2011


Brainshark is an online tool that is very useful in making presentations interesting. With this website, users will be able to combine their Powerpoint Presentations with their own voice presenting the slides.

Here is an example of how useful Brainshark is:

For video guide on how Brainshark works, please click here.

What I like about Brainshark:

  • This amazing website is currently free to be used by everyone. Therefore, it is affordable and accessible to everyone. 
  • A majority of second language learners are afraid and not confident to communicate using the target language in public. This issue can be addressed by having them to do presentation slides with Brainshark, in which they can do it personally and with confidence. 
  • Getting students to speak and use the target language verbally will also assist them in improving their pronunciation.    

However, bear in mind that:

  • Teachers should assign students with easy and accessible topics depending on their proficiency level. This is important as for second language learners to speak using the target language is considered as a big test for them. Teachers should start easy and gradually increase the difficulty level as students progress. 
  • This website is not accessible for first tome users. Basic training may be needed in order for students to operate this website. 

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