Friday, 25 November 2011

ELLLO English

ELLLO English comes from the abbreviation of English Listening Lesson Library Online (ELLLO). This website hosts lots of listening exercises with different topics and formats.

The listening activities are divided into five sections which are views, mixer, game, scenes, and news. Each section has different format for its listening materials. For example, the news section contains listening materials in the format of news while the views section is more on people talking about their views and opinions on something. 

There is also a section called ‘Video Lessons’ (as shown in the picture above) where people around the world upload their videos talking about various topics. As the speakers come from different parts of the world, this collection of videos contains speeches with various English accents.

What are the benefits of Elllo English? 
  • Elllo English is one of the best resources for listening materials and exercises. Even better, the listening materials are downloadable as audio files and the exercises are available in printable formats. It will benefits teachers in teaching listening to language learners.
  • Besides listening, the exercises also cater other language skills such as reading (students read the transcriptions of listening materials) and writing (students write (spell) the answers in the boxes given).
  • The website has a neat and organize layout which makes it user-friendly. Basic computer skills are adequate enough for users to operate the website. It also allows users to check their answers at the end of each exercise. As this website is accessible to students, it can be used as a supplementary to what students have been learning in class, thus promotes autonomous in their learning style.
  • The ‘Video Lesson’ section is very useful in introducing students to global English. As English language is being used all over the globe, students should be exposed to a variety of accents used across the world. This will prepares them in using English language globally.

Things to consider when using Elllo English in an ELT class:
  • The exercises featured in this website do not have pre-listening activities to activate students’ background knowledge. As most exercises come from places all over the world, students may not have the schema on respective topics. Therefore, teachers may want to consider of designing their own pre-listening activities as addition to the listening activities.
  • Some exercises in the website are simplified in order to make it easier for students. Although this is good, it may be focusing too much on facilitating students rather than to challenge students’ ability and language proficiency.

For more information on Elllo English, please click here

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