Saturday, 19 November 2011

Click & Learn

Click & Learn is one of the useful language learning website available online. What makes Click & Learn different from normal language learning websites is the fact that it focuses not only on English language but also on other languages such as French and Spanish.

Even though it is not stated on the page, I believe that this website is made for Spanish learners in order to assist them in their English, French, and Spanish language learning. One of the obvious reasons is because most introductions and instructions in this website is in Spanish, including the instructions for English and French exercises.

Why Click & Learn is useful in ELT?
  • Clisk & Learn hosted thousands of English language exercises that vary from low level to suits each proficiency level. 
  • Answers checking are also available at the end of each exercise. This will benefit users (students) as they can attempt the exercises at home. This will be a supplementary of what they have been learning in class, thus promoting autonomous in learning. 
  • The exercises covers the all four language skills which are reading (students read the words), writing (students write the words in the space provided), listening (students can listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the words), and speaking (students practice their speaking skills and pronunciation by repeating the words). 

Precautions that should be considered:
  • It contains animations that require Adobe Flash Player in order to run it. Therefore, computers with proper requirements are needed in order for teachers to use this website in their lessons.
  • Although the animations are made in order to create interactive learning environment, there is a redundancy of animations and sound effects which might be annoying. For example, on the English exercises page, the word ‘interactive’ that follows the cursor as well as the loud noise distracts me from paying full attention on the page.
  • There are no/unclear instructions for each exercise and activity featured in this website. Unclear instructions will make it difficult for students to understand the tasks thus de-motivated them from attempting the tasks.

For further information on Click & Learn, please click here.

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