Friday, 28 October 2011


Bookr is a website developed by a website called PimPamPum.  It serves as a site for users to produce their own photo books from selections of photos available. These photos are taken from Flickr; a website that hosts thousands of pictures uploaded by people around the world. Users will also be able to write about each picture in the text box provided.

In addition, users are given the options of emailing the photo book that they have produced or embedding the photo book onto their site and blogs.

How Bookr will be useful in ELT?
  • What is best about Bookr is the fact that it is a free source. No payment is needed in order for teachers and students to use it. Plus, every photos used is linked to Flickr and not taken physically. This saves users from violating the copyrights.  
  • Applying the concept of using pictures as teaching aids, Bookr saves teachers' time and effort of preparing actual pictures to be used in lessons. 

However, bear in mind that:
  • Bookr is merely a tool where students produce compilation of photos. It does not encourage students to use the target language. Thus, it is crucial for teachers to come out with ideas on how to integrate the use of target language with Bookr.
  • The photo book produced is not printable. Therefore, computers are needed in order for students to produce their final product. 

For more info on how to use Bookr, visit here.

Websites with similar concept: Bubblr!

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