Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training is a website that transforms music videos into useful ELT tools. On this website, users (either teachers or students) will be able to listen and watch their favourite music videos from a range of music videos provided. Each music video is included with its lyric, and certain words in the lyric will be left blank. While the music video is being played, students will be given time to fill in the blanks.

What I like about Lyric Training?)
  • Songs and music videos are part of teenagers’ life. Therefore, the use of songs and music videos in ELT will make lessons more interesting and help teachers to grab students’ attention. 
  • This activity covers all four language skills which are reading (students read the lyrics), writing and spelling (students fill in the blank), listening (students listen carefully for missing words), and speaking (karaoke version are also available for students to sing along).
  • Activities are divided into three different levels which are beginner (10% missing words), intermediate (25% missing words), and experts (100% missing words). Hints are also provided if students are unable to get the correct answer. 
  • Students can upload their score each time they completed an activity. This will promote the sense of healthy competition where students will try their best to beat the top score, and therefore improve themselves.

In addition, I will put these points into consideration before using Lyrics Training in my lesson:
  • In order to play the music videos, stable internet connection is needed. This might be an issue in certain countries. 
  •  Some music videos are inappropriate for young learners as it contains explicit images and languages.
  • It is usual for songs to use ungrammatical structure such as ‘wanna’ and ‘gonna’, as well as incomplete sentences. This might caused confusion students thus leads towards fossilisation of incorrect grammar.

For more info on Lyrics Training, click here.

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