Thursday, 13 October 2011


Dvolver is a website that provide easy and simple way of making flash videos. Users are given a selection of background pictures, music, scenarios, and characters to choose from that they think suitable for their video. Once the storyline has been set, they will have to create the dialogue for the characters, click on the ‘finish’ button and the flash video will be generated for them. The video then can be sent to an email account or embedded to any virtual spaces like blogs or websites.

Here is an example of a video made using Dvolver:

What I like about Dvolver?
  • It makes video-making process easy and accessible. Basic computer raining might be needed, but there is no need for users to have advance ICT skills. 
  • The use of videos and animations in classroom makes teaching and learning fun and interesting, not only for young learners but for adult as well. 
  • Constructing own dialogue gives learners an opportunity to attempt the target language as well as a production stage of what have been learned in class.    

However, I would put these points into consideration before using Dvolver as my teaching aid:
  • Technology can be boring if used incorrectly.
  • Learners might be diverted into ‘enjoying the technology’ rather than completing the task. 
  • Some characters might be explicit and inappropriate for certain age and culture.
  • As learners have to construct own dialogs for the characters, more attention and guidance should be given to beginner and intermediate learners as constructing sentences can be difficult for them.  
  • Do learners have access to ICT facilities (computers, internet) either in classroom or at home?

For more info on how to use Dvolver, click here 

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